Nurture yourself for who you are, not as others see you!

Now perception really is a funny thing.  Many will have a perception of you based on their own value judgement.  It takes time for people to get to know anyone, one thing for sure is that one simply cannot please everyone, this is okay.

It takes courage and a certain amount of self-confidence to not take another persons perception of you personally.  As humans we all desire to a degree to be liked, to be appreciated to feel wanted.  This though isn’t always possible.  As we mature we get to a place where we start to feel a sense of being comfortable in our own skin.  I am a great believer that who is meant to be in your life shows up in your life and who isn’t will naturally fall away.  Life is like a circle and friendships, relationships do naturally fall away because of growth, some grow with us, and sadly some we have to leave behind.

Key things to consider in nurturing yourself

  • develop a sense of confidence in who you are, where you have come from and where you are heading.  Nobody knows you like you know yourself
  • Ask yourself why is it important to you to be liked? where does this desire or need for approval come from?
  • What do you consider to be your positive qualities?
  • What do you feel you do well?
  • Come to the realization that you can only control what you can change, you will never really be able to change another person’s perception of you.
  • Allow yourself to become comfortable in standing alone, many achievers, achieve very well on their own, despite interdependence being a necessary part too of personal development in order to achieve.
  • Learn to let go of any attachment to a person or situation and trust that what is for you, usually reveals itself.

Most of all be happy in being you, those that see you for who you are will appreciate you, your qualities and the positives that you bring to your relationship.just-be

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