Counting your Blessings

Counting your Blessings as they arise!
Counting your Blessings as they arise!

Today I wanted to talk about counting your blessings as they arise.  It is so important that we do count the positives in our lives in between the ups and downs, this gives us a sense of focus and gives a sense that there are positive things that happen to us.  The plan is to evaluate these blessings at the end of the year to see the positives that have happened the year, I feel positive that this will enable you to be able to use this as a means of motivation for the next year ahead.

Some of us have life experiences that are harder than others, I think it is even more pertinent to really focus on the positives, draw reference to them, feel a sense of gratitude and being thankful for such.

What are your tips for evaluating the positives in your life? what do you do? what would you suggest to others? there can be many ways, means and strategies. There is neither a right or wrong, it just is, and can be a unique way for you.

Have a beautiful day and keep counting those blessings 🙂

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