A dance of Transformation with the Phoenix rising

This year I have been given the experience of being transported into a place of the bottomless pit of emotion, emotions that have been hiding and sitting in the subconscious, emotions that I thought I had laid to rest long ago. Oh how life can give you a wake up call when you least expect it, at first the emotion of disbelief, shock, horror, en exclamation of OMG!! what do I do, where do I go with this, how do I feel?
I now in hindsight now that I am a bit further along in the process can see it as a blessing, a gift an opportunity to grow like the lotus flower that sits in a bed of murky water, it still grows in such murky conditions, what a gift, what a blessing that it does.
I have had the fortune of truly touching base with some emotions, thoughts, feelings from my subconscious past, oh how they surface to give you an indication that they still desire to be heard, how they do not let you shove them under the carpet and sweep them away like they do not exist, oh no!! they say, oh no!!
There are two objectives to the dance of transformation, two choices, sink or swim, for in the beauty of reaching a very dark emotional bottomless pit, you truly get in touch with your vulnerability, your core, your inner child, your core self, there is nowhere to hide, nowhere to run, this is a blessing for life has the knack of giving you cataclysmic wake up calls when you least expect, if you are too busy to make time to listen because you are living life and being busy with your daily existence, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will make you wake up. I am now in this moment a phoenix that is dancing to the tune of transformation, I am thankful for the events that have lead to this and for the people that have supported this process, I know not yet who I am to become, this matters not, what matters is that I RISE and RISE I will, with new insights, new learning, new growth and new blessings, that cannot be taken away and my heart will remember this journey for it hit me deep, continues to be deep and is felt from the very ripples of my being.
Susan Lawrence

Life is a Dance of Death and Re-birth to give us the capacity to fall and rise.
Life is a Dance of Death and Re-birth to give us the capacity to fall and rise.
October 19th 2015

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